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The Quarterly Review The American War, London, July, October 1865, vol. 118, pp. 106 - 136

The Quarterly Review

The American War, London, July – October 1865, vol. 118, pp. 106 – 136

Can there be a dozen field Negroes in all the South who could even pronounce the word “suffrage”, or who can be supposed to have the faintest idea of what such a word means? The other day slavery was said to have brutalized the race until nothing was left but the mere shape of humanity. Now they suddenly appear as the most loyal, intelligent, praiseworthy, loveable of mankind – devoted to Constitutional principles, admirers of Northern character, worthy of the fullest privileges of citizenship. ….It is curious that when the Southern man was to be maligned, he had reduced the Negro to a brute; but when there is an object to be gained by the discovery, the same Negro is found to be an angel. The meaning of all this can easily be discerned. The Republican Party have an idea that when the South recovers from its present prostration, it may send members to Congress who may not be as they wished. Now in several of the States the Negroes equal the white population in number, and it is assumed they will be entirely controlled by the Northerners who go down to settle in the country. The latter, with the Negro vote in their hands, of course, will carry every election, and produce the same result as if the Southerners were deprived in the future of all representation. This cunning scheme of course is made to wear a virtuous and lofty form; it is another proof of moral growth’. 

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